Joshua Hanna

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Herring Shines as Both Hannas Struggle


Joshua Hanna

Herring Shines as Both Hannas Struggle

During the inaugural visiting to the Summer Sprint Shootout at Southern Oklahoma Speedway, the SCP team had a diamond in the rough by the name of Mike Herring. During the less than spectacular heat races for Bud and Mike, they both managed to finish in the top 5 and transfer to the A-Main. During Heat Race #3, Josh was less fortunate. Coming out of the second turn of the first lap, and car cut down in front of him causing him to wreck and disqualify him for the competition.

Since the younger Hanna was relegated to the B-Main, he would have to finish 5th to transfer up. Although he started 9th of 10, he worked his way up to 6th. During the last lap of the race, he dive bombed to the 5th position but he was unable to keep the car under control and spun out. He would end up finishing 8th.

During the caution plagued A-Main, Bud and 11 other cars were involved in incidents that caused those cars to be removed from the race. With the final 8 cars remaining, Jason Howell ran away from the competition as Mike Herring worked his was up to 4th. This was the first Top 5 of the season for Mike and boosts his position the the current points standings.

If the SCP Polymers team can make the necessary repairs before Saturday, they intend to participate in 281 Speedway's next event on July 25th.

Submitted By: Joshua Hanna

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