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SCP Polymers Team Concludes Season; Melton takes Mountain Creek


Joshua Hanna

SCP Polymers Team Concludes Season; Melton takes Mountain Creek

The SCP Polymers team traveled to Mountain Creek Speedway for the final race of the Sprint Series of Texas' 2015 season. The night started off slow as both Mike and Josh were paired together in Heat Race #4 and they would finish 4th and 5th respectively out of five cars. However, Josh would keep it interesting by nearly spinning out during the penultimate lap and recovered by driving through the infield.

Luckily, when the A-Main approached, both drivers were able to navigate through traffic and make modest gains. With Mike and Josh starting 14th and 17th respectively, they were able to finish 12th and 13th. Michelle Melton would win from the 11th position in thrilling fashion by passing Russell Shoulders at the end of the race. She becomes the second ever female driver to win a feature event in the Sprint Series of Texas. She also finished the year with four Top-5 finishes in as many attempts. After the race, Dustin Woods was crowned series champion by finishing 7th and holding off a charging Jerry Hammock in a tight points battle. As for the SCP Polymers drivers in the final points standings: Mike Herring was 4th, Josh Hanna was 10th, and Bud Hanna was 18th.

To celebrate a successful season of fielding three cars, the SCP Polymers team held a banquet the following night. Below are the awards distributed to the dedicated team that exceeded expectations for Mike, Bud, and Josh to enjoy a competitive season.

#2015 SCP Polymers Team Awards

David Cloninger - Crewman of the Year
Mike Herring - Driver of the Year
Bud Hanna - World's Fastest Medical Experiment
Josh Hanna - Rookie of the Year
Rick Farr - Engine Builder of the Year
Rick Durham - Houdini Award
Jeff Spencer - Most Secrets Award
Chris Sudderth - Most Repeated Joke of the Year
Paul Martin - Hot Dog of the Year
Mike Britton - Wilford Brimley Look-a-Like Award
Harry Stearns - Brimley's Drink of the Year
R.L. Dick - Most Resilient Crewman of the Year
Randy Herring - Herring Sibling of the Year
Ray Daberko - Moose-Call of the Year
Ralph Youngblood - Looks Stupid Award
John Pearson - Youngest at Heart Award
Rusty Vaughn - Hobo of the Year
Tiny Spencer - Most Imporved Foot-Work
Thomas Christian - Hat-Tap of the Year

Submitted By: Joshua Hanna

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